Unified Frequency Domain Analysis of Lightfield Cameras

ECCV 2008

1. Non-cosine mask (3M).

Two pictures taken at the beach during SIGGRAPH 2007

Source data for the bird (23 MB)

Source data for the boat (21 MB)

Flowers picture (Summer 2007). When the mask is not firmly pressed against the film, we see those wavy artifacts together with the usual parallax

Source data for the flowers (33 MB)

2. Refractive (microlens-based) "heterodyning".

Apple picture taken with a lenticular array in front of film (Summer 2007)

Source data for the apple tree (8.5 MB)

Ren's Group image (2005) shows stripes artifacts when processed with the "heterodyning" method. One possible explanation is that his microlens array is manufactured with microlenses grouped into stripes with small change in spacing between one group and the next. Images with other microlens arrays do not show such artifact.

Thanks to Ren Ng for permission to use his lightfield data for the group image!